HCG Reviews and Patient Testimonials


Stanley Rosen, PA

The moment I walked into HCG Waist Management, I was treated professionally and the staff treated me with great care. Within minutes “Michele” came into the room and gave me an explanation on what HCG was and what I had to do to drop the weight. I totally felt at ease and the program was explained in detail. To certify the program, I was introduced to Dr. Bart Gershenbaum and he explained certain concerns about my weight and what I had to do for the program to work effectively.

When I started the program,  on October 4th, I weighed in at 275-pounds. Today being day 39…I’ve lost 32-pounds weighing in at 243-pounds and I have lost a great amount of inches. I want to achieve 225…18-pounds away from my college weight. At the end of my journey, I want to have lost 50-pounds. I feel so good, comfortable and so well treated, that I’ve recommended at least a dozen of my friends and they’ve lost 100’s of pounds year to date.

The program is so professionally designed their is now way you can possibly fail. Every two weeks they check my blood pressure, measure me for inches lost and they totally motivate me to continue my journey towards great weight loss!

In closing, you can email any questions you have and they respond right away. I enjoy the great snacks they offer and all types of delicious foods to assist you throughout the program.

Thank you HCG Waist Management for my great success in weight loss and my new look!

HCG Weight Loss Ft Lauderdale

After meeting Dr. Bart Gershenbaum

Ft Lauderdale HCG Weight LossAfter meeting Dr. Bart Gershenbaum accidentally through my business, my life immediately began to change. After having four children I became excessively overweight and had no time to exercise. I tried everything to lose weight but nothing worked. At 248 Pounds I decided to take Dr, Gershenbaum’s advice and first visit at the office I felt very comfortable with the staff, they were wonderful Jim O’Conner P.A. taught me everything I needed to know to be successful, how to diet property, inject the needled and he answered all of my questions. I called Michele so much about everything that I put her on my speed dial! During my first 45 Days on the program I lost 44 Pounds. During maintenance I stayed within a couple of pound and maintained my weight loss. I then started my second, 45 day round on the program, and lost an addition 27 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 71 pound in just 90 days! I never had time to work out and I never had to. I’ve referred all of my friends, family and co-workers to HCG waist management, even strangers I’d meet out and about. My before and after picture are amazing and I show them to as many people as possible. I can’t believe how much my body has changed. I look great, I feel feet fantastic and I have so much more energy for my children. I feel like a completely new woman!

Marissa C., Sunrise, Fl.

Recently, I saw a friend who looked amazing after her 40 pound weight loss. She explained to me she went on the HCG Weight Loss Program and lost 1 pound of fat per day. I was amazed, yet skeptical. So, of course, I quickly booked an appointment with Dr. G. He explained to me how HCG in combination with the HCG Weight Loss Program helped me lose 30% or more fat than diet and exercise alone. My weight loss was extremely fast and for the first time in 15 years, I was able to get down to the size I was at when I was 21 years old! I’ve been able to maintain my weight through this program and consider this a lifestyle change that has greatly impacted my life for the positive. I highly recommend this program to everyone!

K. P., Coral Springs

After having my first child, I struggled with losing the weight I had gained during my pregnancy. As a new mom, I didn’t have time to go to the gym and I didn’t want to be one of those moms who walked around in stretch pants. I needed something easy, but I also didn’t want to feel deprived so that I had energy to take care of my daughter. A friend of mine told me about the HCG Diet and it has been great! It was healthy and easy, I had great energy, and I didn’t have to count calories, points, or fat grams. It was easy to stick with the plan – especially since I was seeing real results. I went from a size 14 to now a size 6 and the weight is still coming off!

Ashley B., Miami, Fl.

After struggling with 15 stubborn pounds, I did a search for fast, effective weight loss and learned about hCG. I made an appointment with Dr. G. and learned with the help of his team that my diet and lifestyle were the cause for not losing the unwanted weight. Within a few weeks, I saw my body transform and people at work, including friends and family all commented on the new me! I work in a larger office and after people saw the transformation in me, we ended up with 30 of us on the HCG Weight Loss Program! This is the last diet you will ever need to go on!

B. P., Miami Lakes

My (now) husband and I wanted to lose weight before our wedding. I had bought the perfect dress that I want to fit into. We went on the program together and reached our goals in less than a month. He lost weight faster than me (not fair!), but by the time the wedding came I actually had to have my dress altered SMALLER than what it was. Let’s just say we book looked incredible laying on the beach on our honeymoon!

S. D., Plantation, Fl.

I have been overweight from as far back as I can remember and could fill up an entire library with all of the diet books I have purchased over the years. I could lose some weight, but it would always come right back…if not more, once I stopped the diet. The HCG Diet program is really not just a diet, it is a healthy way to live. Yes, I have lost weight, but this time the weight is staying off because I am continuing to eat healthy. I still have more weight to lose, but this is easy to follow because I get to eat good foods. I have lost 40 inches total from my body and it’s not coming back.

Jenny S. Weston, Fl.

“I lost 20 pounds! I can’t believe how much I lost in my arms and in my stomach. My husband is in shock still when he sees my stomach. I think it was that 3rd night on it I slept like a log and every night since. Just like the other testimonials, I didn’t feel hungry. It was surprising how I could cook dinner for my family and not feel tempted. Thank you HCG Waist Management! I now weigh what I did before getting pregnant the 1st time!”

Paula C. Hollywood, Fl.

“I have been on every diet known to man. A friend told me about the HCG shots and I thought, “oh well, another one to try.” Well this is it. I lost 42 lbs in a month in a half and 9.5 inches. I could not believe how easy. It really keeps you aware when weighing everyday, seeing a drop. I am so amazed how easy and how fast, without side effects except feeling great. Thank you so much!!. I still have 60 more lbs to go and I will send you a final after picture. People I work with are amazed. Thanks again!”

Jeff Y. Parkland, Fl.

“Thank you HCG Waist Management! I started the HCG Diet 32 days ago, I have officially lost just over 32 pounds. I have 14 days left on this diet plan and I need to lose at least another 25 pounds. Soon I will be entering round two, to complete my amazing transformation. I now see other people eating giant quantities of food, like I use to, and realize I no longer need that much food. My friends and family are amazed at the results and I feel really confident as a result of their positive comments to me. I have gone from a 38″ waist (tight) to a 34″ waist (loose), from an X-Large to a Large shirt size. I feel great, sleep great, have lots of energy, eat healthy, and most importantly I look great. This diet plan is so much easier than I expected and really works Thanks again!”

Keith F. Miami, Fl.

“I have certain health issues that keep me from the gym. I’ve gained weight over the last several years and tried everything. Well, they got the initial ten to twenty pounds off, but the weight came back. With the HCG Diet I lost twenty five pounds in my first fifteen days and actually quit at that point. It’s been two months, and I’ve gained nothing. I’ve actually lost 2 more pounds. My appetite has changed, and I can’t pig out like I used to. My sleep apnea has disappeared, I believe due to the weight loss. Thank You!” This diet REALLY works!!!

B. T. Fort Lauderdale

“I started out at 170 pounds and a size 14. I am now down to 139 pounds and a size 8! I can’t thank you enough. I am a customer for life.”

Susan M. Tamarac, Fl.

“I am a regular exerciser but sometime around my late 40’s I couldn’t keep myself from constant weight gain no matter how little I ate… This diet is the true answer especially for women in their 50’s and menopause when your metabolism is sooooo slow! Thank you HCG Diet for helping me change my body for good!”

Shirley G. Hollywood, Fl.

I am in my eighties and I have tried every diet out there. I have a very active life style but I always wanted to lose between 10-15 pounds but it was never possible. I just thought I would have to live with this extra weight but then someone told me to try the HCG Diet. At first I wanted to know if it was safe for a woman of my age and I was surprised to find out that it was. I still can’t believe that after trying everything, by following this diet while on HCG, the weight just melted off me. I have been off the HCG for 2 months and I haven’t gained anything back. What is truly amazing also is that I have been on cholesterol medication for years with minimal results and when I went to my cardiologist to check my blood, my cholesterol and triglycerides were better than they have been in 20 years!! This diet is truly amazing!! Now I know I’m going to live to be 100. Thanks HCG!!!

Donnie M., Davie, Fl.

“I was taking blood pressure meds among other prescriptions and I lost 30 lbs in the 26 days. My blood pressure came way down and now my doctor is lowering the dosage in order to get me off of them.” This diet is GREAT and the health benefits are amazing!!!

Jose C from Homestead, Florida

I’m a 56 year old male that has struggled with weight issues for over 10 years. Because of my risk factors for Hypertension and Diabetes, I’ve tried multiple diets without results. When I heard about the HCG diet, I was somewhat skeptical and didn’t believe that it would work. I started the diet on October 12.2010 weighing 260 pounds. I lost 12 pounds the first week. After 30 days I weigh 230 pounds and I am continuing to lose weight.

I feel great with more energy than ever! I am amazed at how the HCG diet is working for me and how effortless it has been to lose the weight. I would recommend this diet to anyone without hesitation.