Frequently Asked Questions About the HCG Diet

What is HCG and how does it work?

HCG is a hormone naturally produced in the body. It has many functions and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions. For weight loss only a small amount is used to burn off the body’s excess stored fat.

Would I lose the same amount of weight eating a very low calorie diet without the HCG?

You can lose weight by simply eating fewer calories and fat. However, because the body stores fat during times of deprivation, you will most likely lose muscle before fat. This diet program is designed to incorporate specialized low calorie diet in combination with the HCG injection. HCG alone will not help you lose the weight you desire. Rather the combination of the low calorie diet and the HCG make permanent weight loss a success without depleting the body’s structural fat or muscle.

Do I have to exercise while on the diet?

No. Exercise is not a mandatory part of the program. While vigorous exercise may increase the amount of weight you lose it is not a significant increase and is not recommended due to the low caloric intake. Vigorous exercise can lead to exhaustion and significantly increases hunger which will ultimately only lead to discouragement and frustration. If you are already accustomed to exercising at a certain level and would like to continue, do so, but do not over do it. Pay attention to your body’s response. Scale down the intensity of the workouts if: (1) you don’t have the energy to get through it; (2) you start feeling ill or light headed; (3) you gain weight the next day; or (4) you don’t have the energy to get through the day after you work out. Our suggestion for those who want to exercise is that you walk for 20 to 30 minutes daily. Walking is great exercise and contributes to your health in a variety of ways. It helps relieve stress, keeps the bowels moving, conditions your cardiovascular system, and encourages better blood/oxygen circulation. When you are finished with the program you can then pick up the intensity of your exercise routines.

Do I need to gorge or fat load for the first 2 days?

Yes. You must eat 5‐6 times per day on the first 2 days of the diet. This helps to build up your fat reserves before starting a very low calorie diet of 800 calories daily, which is required. It is not recommended to eat too much to where you feel sick and bloated. You may incorporate cooking oils, sugar and starches, (whole grain or whole wheat are preferred) cooking oils all of which may be included in your 2 day gorging. It takes approximately 3 injections of HCG before the fat begins to melt away.

Who should consider the HCG diet?

Those who have struggled with diets before, are looking to lose over 20 lbs, or are interested in losing weight quickly yet safely.

Why the 800 -calorie diet?

HCG causes your hypothalamus to mobilize the fat out of the fat storage locations so that it’s available for use. While you are only consuming 800 calories, your hypothalamus is continually releasing the fat stored in your body. Because of this, your body is actually operating on thousands of calories a day. The result is your body using thousands of calories of fat from your body each day; the reason HCG dieters lose up to1 to 2 lbs of fat or more, per day.

Will I be hungry only eating 800 calories a day?

It is common for mild hunger during the first few days, however this will pass and by the 2nd week, you will find even very tiny servings, to be completely satisfying. This is partly due to your hypothalamus adjusting your metabolic rate, but largely due to the amount of calories circulating in your system from the fat being released. It is common that HCG dieters feel as though they are stuffing themselves in order to reach that 800-calorie limit.

Is 800 calories a day too low to be safe?

No. Research now confirms that eating a very low calorie diets actually increase overall health, has anti-aging effects, and increases lifespan. This was reported recently in The New York Times. Most importantly, however, is when you are doing the diet combined with the HCG injections; your body is being flooded with over 2,000 calories of nutrition from the releasing of the abnormal fat reserves. This is one of the reasons that during Phase 2 you are not hungry and generally have an increase in energy levels.

When is the best time for a menstruating woman to start HCG injections?

It is recommended to begin the HCG therapy at least 10 days before your period starts or right after you finish your cycle. You must stop the injections as soon as your period begins. When you notice only a small amount of spotting, you may resume the injections. Taking the injection while on your period may cause heavy bleeding, which can lead to temporary iron deficiency anemia.

What if I cheat on the diet during Phase 2?

If you do cheat for a meal or for one or two days in a row, all it means is that the weight loss process will stop for a few days or a temporary slight increase in weight may occur. Immediately start the diet again at the next meal and carry on. If you cheat on a meal every other day, you are wasting your time.

Will HCG interfere with any medication I am currently taking?

No, HCG is not contraindicated with any medications. Physicians urge patients to continue ALL medications prescribed to you by your medical doctor. Speak to your primary physician about your medications prior to HCG treatment.

What happens if my weight plateaus for a few days?

Many times there is a large amount of weight loss within the first week, then a plateau or leveling off. This does not mean that your weight loss has stopped. Typically, inches are being lost continuously while on the program, and after a day or so you will continue to loss based on the average. Some have a tendency to get frustrated if they go a day or two without losing even if they have experienced a huge drop within the first week. Most clients average approximately 1 lb. per day so to see if you on in line with the average count the number of injections that you have taken and count how many pounds you’ve lost. The first 2 days fat loading during phase 1 don’t count toward the average because you should typically gain weight while fat loading and possible day one of phase 2. A good rule of thumb to see where you stand is to subtract either 3 or 4 injections depending on whether you lost on day 1 of phase 2 or not. For example, if you’ve taken 12 injections and lost 9 lbs. not counting the two fat loading injections you’d be averaging 1 lb per injection. It is very common, mostly for women, to have a 2‐4 day weight plateau. Internal research has shown that this usually occurs around the 3rd week on the injections. Most plateaus are the result of a hormonal imbalance prior to therapy, which typically occurs in pre and post menopausal women. A plateau may also be the result of constipation, which is very common on a high protein diet. It is possible to hold several pounds of stool in your colon over a period of several days. It is important to include light exercise and drink plenty of fluids, which help increase the movement within the colon.

Can I drink alcohol while on Phase 2?

No. You should not drink any alcohol as it contains many calories, fat, yeast and breaks down into sugar in your body; all of which can disrupt your weight loss significantly.

Why am I injecting the HCG into the fatty tissue instead of the muscle?

The HCG is absorbed through the fatty tissue just as effectively as the muscle. It is much safer to inject yourself in the abdomen so you can actually see what you are doing. It is also important to note that there are several risks involved with administering an intramuscular injection which include the possibility of puncturing a vein that may cause phlebitis and tissue inflammation and therefore potentiate infection.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Weight loss varies between .5 pound and 3 lbs. per day, with the average loss being 1-2 pounds per day. While losing 1-2 pounds daily without the use of HCG would be unhealthy, the HCG in fact changes this. You lose fat and the weight loss comes directly from this fat loss and does not strip the body.

Is it healthy to lose 1-2 lbs. a day on the HCG diet?

HCG weight loss studies have shown that weight lost following the Simeons’ protocol comes directly from adipose fat tissue rather than lean muscle. In doing so, the weight lost comes directly from fat and does not strip the body of much needed muscle, vitamins, or minerals essential to maintain good health, while at the same time, releasing excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients into the blood stream to be absorbed by the body. For this reason, HCG dieters report a feeling and appearance of great health and marvel at the loss of negative health risks they had as an overweight individual.

Does HCG expire or go bad?

HCG has a 100% stable shelf life of 60 days in your refrigerator. It is also important not to leave the HCG vial at room temperature for more than 6 hours so as not to decrease its stability.

What happens if I forget to give myself the injection?

The HCG remains in your body for approximately 3 days. It is best to give yourself the injection as soon as you wake up. However, if you forget and don’t remember until several hours later, you may simply give yourself the injection at that time. If you skip an entire day, do not double your dose the next day.

Is HCG made from the urine of pregnant women?

Yes, HCG is a highly purified glycoprotein hormone that is produced by the human placenta and obtained from the urine of pregnant women, which is then tested for potency and standardized by a biological assay procedure. It is the very same product given to women in high doses to induce fertilization. Physicians advise that child bearing women between the ages of 25‐50 to use some form of birth control or contraceptive while taking HCG. The daily dosage is very low; however, the risks of becoming pregnant may increase due to a slight elevation in hormone production.

Why do some people lose more inches than pounds?

Every person’s results are unique to a certain degree. Some lose a lot of weight while others tend to lose more inches than weight, likely due to genetics.

Why do I need to skip a day of injections?

HCG immunity can develop. In those that take 40 injections the onset of immunity can be delayed if they only have six injections a week, leaving out Sundays or any day they choose, provided that it is always the same day.

How do I maintain my weight loss once I have achieved my goal?

The best way to maintain your weight loss is first to understand that everyone’s body size, shape, and weight differs. An easy equation to calculate your total caloric intake for the day will be your baseline to achieve maximum weight management. Multiply your goal weight by 13.
For example:
140 (pounds) X 13 = 1820 calories per day to maintain weight loss.
180 (pounds) X 13 = 2340 calories per day to maintain weight loss.

What is the hypothalamus?

The hypothalamus is a tiny gland at the base of your brain that is responsible for a number of very important functions like: regulation of metabolism, balancing of hormones, maintaining heart rate, hunger, and the storage and use of stored fat.

How is the hypothalamus involved in this weight loss program?

The HCG Diet Protocol is designed to ”RESET” the hypothalamus and normalize its function. Due to our modern lifestyle and the evolution of processed foods, the hypothalamus can get ”out of whack” which causes the body to store fat from the excess carbohydrates and calories we consume. This fat gets stored away in ”problem areas” on the body, which then cannot be easily used by the body for fuel. Exercise cannot ”work” it off, as many have discovered after months running on treadmills in gyms throughout the land. The HCG Diet Protocol programs the hypothalamus to access this stubborn problem‐fat and use it as fuel for the body.

Is it necessary to do a Colon Cleanse?

Cleansing and detoxifying the colon is important to maintain general health. Toxins can build up in your colon over a period of months and years, which may inhibit weight loss and depress your immune system. We are also exposed to a vast number of toxins in our food, the air, water we drink, at the workplace, and even in our homes. It is imperative to cleanse the colon in order to maintain general health and wellness.

Is it necessary to do a Candida Cleanse?

Candida Albicans is yeast that is commonly found in small amounts within the intestine and vaginal area; uncommon areas include the mouth and bloodstream. Antibiotics in food and medication can build up in the intestine and potentially slow down metabolism, decrease digestion and lower the immune system. Although there have been no clinical findings to support this mechanism, it is only theoretical at this time. Most Naturopathic Physicians support this concept and agree that an overgrowth of Candida yeast may contribute to an unhealthy digestive tract.

Does HCG affect sleep?

Most people who take HCG actually notice an improvement in their sleep. It should not prevent sleep or cause insomnia.

Do I need to keep a food log and/or a daily diary?

We encourage keeping both of these. Patients find it helpful to have something to reference when looking back. It also helps patients figure out what foods may cause them to stall or what benefits they are receiving in addition to weight loss. (Sleeping better, headache free, BP down, no acid reflux)

What is Abnormal Fat?

The body maintains three kinds of fat, structural fat, normal fat, and abnormal fat. Abnormal fat is the “bad” fat that accumulates in the hips, buttocks, stomach, arms, face, etc. Abnormal fat is the only fat that produces obesity.

Can I use cosmetics while on the diet?

No cosmetics other than lipstick, eyebrow pencils, or powder may be used.

How painful are HCG injections?

The HCG injections used for the diet are administered using a very fine needle and are relatively painless.

If I get sick or get a cold while on the diet can I take cold medicine?

Yes, cold medicine can be taken as long as it does not contain sugar.

What if I only want to lose 10-15 pounds, can I still do the diet?

Many people diet and exercise and are relatively satisfied with their physique, however there may be one or two problems areas that regardless of what they do they simply cannot address. Even if there is a relatively small amount of weight loss desired the HCG diet can be used. Once the desired weight loss is achieved one may simply double the calorie intake until no less than 23 injections have been administered. Most individuals desiring to lose just a few pounds notice that they also lose inches in these problematic areas and are very pleased with their results. Regardless of your desired weight loss goals, the protocol must be followed exactly and no less the 23 injections are required. The HCG will still have the same positive effects on the body by resetting the hypothalamus and thus keeping the weight and inches off in these problematic areas.

How many days is the 23-injection cycle?

The 23-injection cycle is 6 weeks long. Phase 1 is 2 days, Phase 2 is 23 days, and phase 3 is 21 days which totals 6 weeks. After the last injection during phase 2 you must continue the very low calorie diet for an additional 3 days without the HCG injection as it takes approximately 3 days for the HCG to be out of your system; after this 3 day period immediately start phase 3.

How many days is the 30-injection cycle?

The 30-injection cycle is 7 weeks long. Phase 1 is 2 days, Phase 2 is 37 days, and phase 3 is 21 days which totals 7 weeks. After the last injection during phase 2 you must continue the very low calorie diet for an additional 3 days without the HCG injection as it takes approximately 3 days for the HCG to be out of your system; after this 3 day period immediately start phase 3. It is important to remember that HCG immunity can develop in those doing more than 23-injections; therefore skipping 1 injection per week can delay the onset of HCG immunity.

How many days it the 40-injection cycle?

The 40-injection cycle is 10 weeks long. Phase 1 is 2 days, Phase 2 is 48 days, and phase 3 is 21 days which totals 10 weeks. After the last injection during phase 2 you must continue the very low calorie diet for an additional 3 days without the HCG injection as it takes approximately 3 days for the HCG to be out of your system; after this 3 day period immediately start phase 3. It is important to remember that HCG Immunity can develop in those doing more than 23-injections; therefore skipping 1 injection per week can delay the onset of HCG immunity.